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Aquascutum Oil and Gas Nigeria Limited is commited to doing business as petroleum prospectors, and dealers to harness, process, supply and deal in natural gas, also, supply and deal in Petrol, Kerosene, Diesel, Fuel, Lubricating Oil, paraffin wax, asphalt, Carbon Black and all petroleum products and to do the same in respect of Gas products, including but not limited to induustrial, domestic and cooking Gas.

To lay infrastructure, errect structure, install rigs, sink, wells, construct refineries, Lay piplines, provide all things necessary Or expedient to work oil wells and petroleum and gas supplies, and to process, treat, refine the produce thereof and manufacture products, and to supply and deal in (or manufacture and build) oil bergs, tankers, drills and all plant machinery, conveyances substances and things suited for use in carrying out the objects of the company.

To carry business as propietors of petrochemical works, miners and as refiners, suppliers and merchant of mining produce and to treat process, Produce, supply and deal in petrochemicals and to acquire all lands, properties, licences, concessions, grants, rights, privileges and powers necessary or desireable to carry out the objects of the company.